August 2021 Lifeline

Happy Summer and BBQ season from the Alano Club Board of Trustees! Here is an update on what we have been up to since the last lifeline article, club happenings and events. We also want to let members (or potential members) know how to pay club dues and help support keeping us open!

Club Improvements

  • New kitchen tile project has been completed (now we will pass an inspection from the health department)
  • Tables have been put back in the meeting rooms (with tennis balls on the legs so the wood is not damaged)
  • Security Pad was replaced (pad could not be read)
  • Women’s restroom floor and toilet replaced (the subfloor was damaged by water)
  • New air conditioning pump in kitchen (the old one finally gave out)
  • New spring added to the mens restroom door upstair (this will automatically shut the door so we do not hear the hand dryer during meetings)

Savings & Membership

  • We currently have 117 dues paying members, 99 of which are eligible to vote (3 months of consecutive dues). There are also 47 eligible for the board-3 spots will be available the end of January)
  • If you are attending meetings at the club, you can pay dues with cash, check or credit card (*!!!). Talk to the meeting secretary to get it paid through our kitchen staff.
  • You can also use our Facebook Shop with a credit card. (look at the top of the FB page) to pay your dues.


  • We have a “Go Fund Me Account” for the Club. r-ourclub Please contribute if you can. We have not received any grants from the State of Utah, or other agencies this year, and can always use your support.

Upcoming Events

  • September 11 – Salt Lake City 18th Annual Recovery Day

From 2pm – 8pm at the Gallivan Center. The Alano Club will have a booth this year! Come see us and join in the fun! The day includes sponsor and vendor exhibits, speakers, live music, food trucks, face painting, and an area with fun activities for kids! This nationally awarded event is free and open to the public. We hope to reach many who need our help at this event.

  • September 18 – Cell to Well and Bailout event at the Club!

This will include a 5K and 12K run or walk from the Murray jail or  Salt Lake City jail to the Alano Club. We will have a bail out booth at the club with folks who have said they would go to jail. They will make phone calls until they have reached their set bail of $500 to exit jail. There will be lots of fun events and you can buy a BBQ lunch.  More information to come. Entry fee for the run/walk is $30 and includes a T-Shirt and BBQ!

  • September 25 – Club Day at Lagoon!
    • Tickets will be $65 Adult and $52 child. We will have a pavilion. More details coming soon!
  • Oct 2 – Motorcycle and Car Wash
  • Oct 16 – Chili Cookoff
  • Oct 30 – Costume Party and Dance
  • Nov 25 – Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch/Dinner
  • Dec 18 – Booseville Bombers Christmas Show
  • Dec 25 – Christmas Prime Rib Lunch/Dinner

News & Other Info

  • Meeting secretaries: Please email ( your name, email and phone number so we can contact you if there are last minute changes of some kind that affect your scheduled meeting.
  • The club is compiling a list of members with service skills and businesses which we can use to get bids for work needed in the future before we reach out to the general business public. Please send us a description of your business or skills with contact information to
  • The club is open on Monday and Tuesday for a 630am meeting. Check our meeting schedule for all updates on our website. ( . We will be adding additional meetings as we can and are eager to get back to a full time schedule
  • The kitchen should be opening sometime in August with a limited menu and limited hours of operation. Prices will reflect the increased cost of food today. For more information, follow our website and look for postings at the club.