Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program

We are SOOO excited to announce that the Salt Lake Alano Club has now been added to the list of organizations that you can choose to donate to through Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program!!
All you need to do is click on the link below, sign up for their rewards card, if you haven’t already gotten one, and the search for “Salt Lake Alano Club” or our organization number, which is PF 689, and select us! We will get a donation for every purchase you make using your rewards card! **If you don’t have a Smiths rewards card, you can pick one up at the Customer Service booth** Thank you so much for your support!

PLEASE DON’T WAIT TO SET THIS UP! Your donations start from the day you sign up. It’s just a little thing you can do to help us ensure that the doors can remain open for years to come.…/smiths-inspiring…