Welcome to the Alano Club in Murray, Utah

Recovery Happens Here!

The Alano club is an open environment for anyone seeking twelve-step recovery meetings in the Salt Lake Valley, 365 days a year. This is a place to find healing, enjoy a cup of coffee, take time to learn the program and process of recovery.

Here you can find HOPE. Within these walls, and at our picnic tables, many people of all walks of life have found how their own and others Experience, Strength & Hope can pave the way to lasting, quality recovery.

The Alano Club of Murray Utah hosts 12 step group meetings. We maintain our anonymity. We are funded through voluntary memberships, contributions and the generous service work of many people here at our club.

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, no kitchen services are currently offered.  Only the upper two rooms are open to the public.  Upper level restrooms are available.  No traffic is allowed below the upper level.  The meeting schedule will be maintained on this site and hard copies are available at the club. Please be respectful of others.  If you are not feeling well do not enter the club.

IMPORTANT! The financial state of club could use your help.  During this down period the club has lost over 88% of its normal revenue.  Expenses, while down, are draining the club bank account.  We would encourage donations or assistance as we go through this tough time. There is a GoFundMe to directly support the club while we are unable to generate our normal revenue with the kitchen closed etc.  Please consider contributing to this effort.  100% of the funds donated (minus any GoFundMe fees) go directly to the club account. We are still collecting club membership dues.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Alano Club Board of Directors

For questions, feedback or to report any issues to the board, please use this email address: support@alanoclubslc.org. We will try to reply promptly.

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